4. Ancient Egyptian leadership

After diner we always read a children’s bible with our kids. We where reading about the exodus of the Israelites from Egypt and came to the story of the worship of the golden calf. Reading this story made me think; What did the Israelite’s possibly think a leaders role should be? What does a leader do? And as I read that Moses was trained in pharaohs schools, it sounds possible to me that he also was trained with those leadership roles in mind. But maybe he learned even more during the period in the desert with Jethro. Continue reading 4. Ancient Egyptian leadership


3. Church planting and conversion:

What to convert to?

As we were evangelizing in Madrid I started to think: ‘what do we do with people that actually convert to a faith in Jesus as Christ? Do we train them to follow the rules and rhythm of a church service? Or do we actually want more than that? How do we prevent people from becoming a passive Sunday christian of which there are too many? Is there a way to teach people to have a daily relationship with Christ and a deep fellowship with fellow Christians?

As I was reading about church planting I was pointed at different points of view of a conversion. This has much to do with the way we think of church. Peter Wagner describes 2 different approaches to conversion that he borrowed from a missiologist Paul Hiebert (P.Wagner, Church Growth and the Whole Gospel, p158). Continue reading 3. Church planting and conversion:

2: Following Jesus, evangelism and counting the costs

This time I want to talk about evangelism and discipleship. What exactly is evangelism? How much may following Christ cost me? Is it enough to be living a (comfortable) christian life as a witness of Christ among (non-) christian friends and neighbors or is there a need for more than that? Continue reading 2: Following Jesus, evangelism and counting the costs

1: The great commission in a Spanish Context

In a way Jesus is telling us to get out of the church and worship Him in and with the world. Especially in Spain but in the whole western i i think it is time to be a disciple of Jesus primarily and show other people how to be one. In the great commission Jesus says “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations” (Math28:19). I learned that originally the imperative, Continue reading 1: The great commission in a Spanish Context


Hello everybody. Welcome to this introduction to my career as a blogger. From now on I intend to regularly write blogs on this page. I mainly do this to organize my own thoughts and discoveries. I also write it to record questions I have while studying all kinds of topics. Writing helps me to get my thoughts together. Lately I have been listening to seminars and teachings while traveling to Madrid and back. I use an App called BTMobile of the webpage www.bibletraining.org. It is a great tool to get yourself educated with lectures in theology and missiology. All kinds of questions arise, partly because I live in Spain, near Madrid, with the calling to start evangelizing and church-planting. Things like: how do I start? What does it look like? What do people think and need and think they need?

I write in English because I presume that the majority of people I know in the Netherlands can (sort of) understand it and because I have many friends in Spain and all over the world that certainly do not understand Dutch. If you don’t understand it, feel free to write to me and I will try to explain things to you personally.

Note: My English grammar is not perfect at all. I want to start by saying sorry in advance for all the mistakes I am going to make.

If you want to correct me, add something i forgot of just comment on something, please feel free to do so. I am Dutch… it is not easy to offend me by being direct to me 😉

Saludos from Spain