Hello everybody. Welcome to this introduction to my career as a blogger. From now on I intend to regularly write blogs on this page. I mainly do this to organize my own thoughts and discoveries. I also write it to record questions I have while studying all kinds of topics. Writing helps me to get my thoughts together. Lately I have been listening to seminars and teachings while traveling to Madrid and back. I use an App called BTMobile of the webpage It is a great tool to get yourself educated with lectures in theology and missiology. All kinds of questions arise, partly because I live in Spain, near Madrid, with the calling to start evangelizing and church-planting. Things like: how do I start? What does it look like? What do people think and need and think they need?

I write in English because I presume that the majority of people I know in the Netherlands can (sort of) understand it and because I have many friends in Spain and all over the world that certainly do not understand Dutch. If you don’t understand it, feel free to write to me and I will try to explain things to you personally.

Note: My English grammar is not perfect at all. I want to start by saying sorry in advance for all the mistakes I am going to make.

If you want to correct me, add something i forgot of just comment on something, please feel free to do so. I am Dutch… it is not easy to offend me by being direct to me 😉

Saludos from Spain