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6 promises for Disciples

These promises i read in Patrick Johnstone’s book, ‘the church is bigger than you think’. They where really blessing me so i wanted to bless you with them as well
Patrick describes six promises of God for us. All found in Isaiah 54.

  • We have freedom of fear.
  • We have union with Christ.
  • Gods purpose and guiding for us.
  • Gods’s redemption from every failure.
  • Eternal fruitfulness.
  • Supernatural protection.

It is a lot of text but God promises are always worth while taking time for. be blessed! Continue reading 6 promises for Disciples


3. Church planting and conversion:

What to convert to?

As we were evangelizing in Madrid I started to think: ‘what do we do with people that actually convert to a faith in Jesus as Christ? Do we train them to follow the rules and rhythm of a church service? Or do we actually want more than that? How do we prevent people from becoming a passive Sunday christian of which there are too many? Is there a way to teach people to have a daily relationship with Christ and a deep fellowship with fellow Christians?

As I was reading about church planting I was pointed at different points of view of a conversion. This has much to do with the way we think of church. Peter Wagner describes 2 different approaches to conversion that he borrowed from a missiologist Paul Hiebert (P.Wagner, Church Growth and the Whole Gospel, p158). Continue reading 3. Church planting and conversion:

2: Following Jesus, evangelism and counting the costs

This time I want to talk about evangelism and discipleship. What exactly is evangelism? How much may following Christ cost me? Is it enough to be living a (comfortable) christian life as a witness of Christ among (non-) christian friends and neighbors or is there a need for more than that? Continue reading 2: Following Jesus, evangelism and counting the costs

1: The great commission in a Spanish Context

In a way Jesus is telling us to get out of the church and worship Him in and with the world. Especially in Spain but in the whole western i i think it is time to be a disciple of Jesus primarily and show other people how to be one. In the great commission Jesus says “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations” (Math28:19). I learned that originally the imperative, Continue reading 1: The great commission in a Spanish Context